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Can a Working Wife Get Alimony in India?

There has been new judgment whereby as a result of social changes where ladies are no longer dependent their husbands or other relatives, their petitions for alimony now should be investigated with all facts, and it ought to be guaranteedRead More

What Documents are Necessary For Filing Divorce In India?

Divorce is the legal termination of marital relationship or dissolution of marriage is entirely handled by the family law attorney. The entire process of divorce commences from contending with emotional ups and downs to witnessing long-awaited divorce decree is certainlyRead More

Do You Need A Lawyer To Get Divorce?

Divorce or dissolution of marriage entirely handled by family attorney is one of the elaborate processes which is the last separation of husband and wife by the judgement of court. This is the legal termination of the marital relationship whichRead More

Can You Get a Divorce For No Reason?

Divorce also known as the dissolution of marriage or legal separation of husband and wife, effected, for cause, is entirely handled by the family law attorneys. Dissolution is defined as “divorce from the bond of matrimony”, initiated proclamation by theRead More